RAPA inspires – Meet the most fashionable color of 2022

RAPA inspires – Meet the most fashionable color of 2022

Mar 25, 2022

As announced by the famous Pantone Institute, the most fashionable color of 2022 is the color of Vera Peri, a gentle shade of blue tinged with violet. If you like to follow the latest trends when arranging your interiors, try to introduce the violet color to the arrangement of your premises - shop, cafe, restaurant or hotel interior. But not only! Maybe you can offer your customers a purple color in their dishes? 


Why Violet?


Violet in interiors and dishes gives you a lot of possibilities! It is a color that can be mysterious, elegant, sensual as well as light. It is associated with prestige and gentleness at the same time. In spite to appearances, it is extremely universal! According to the Pantone Institute, it is a color that should encourage personal invention and creativity. Being a combination of red with a calm blue, it perfectly illustrates the social need to combine extremes and open up to the new.The violet color itself also has a rich history. It symbolizes power and luxury, and on the other hand, rebellion and artistic fervor of a person who likes to be surrounded by it. Violet is a color for connoisseurs of beauty and surprising details. One violet element is enough to obtain the effect of elegance and taste.


What color goes with Violet?

  • Violet with white, grey, beige. In such a combination, purple will focus all attention on itself. If you place a violet-colored device against an off-white wall, you will get a very delicate and subtle effect that will work well in Provencal, as well as classic or modern interior.  
  • Violet with brown, graphite or black. This combination is elegant but you must remember to use violet as a feature color only. 
  • Violet with bright green. If you want a breath of freshness and exoticism, this combination is for you. 
  • Violet and sunny yellow. If you are looking to improve your mood, choose this combination.  
  • Violet with gold or silver. If you want to give your arrangements a refined and slightly mysterious character, choose gold or silver. 


If you want to be inspired by color of the year, you can choose from the entire violet/purple family.


Delicate and light shades:
  • Lavender. Although lavender in nature has many shades, it is assumed that the color of lavender is a calm and harmonious shade of violet., 
  • Heather. It is a shade that will perfectly fit in with a romantic atmosphere. For those who are looking for a subtle and delicate color, slightly pink. Heather will blend in beautifully with neutral white and gray. 
  • Lilac. This shade rarely appears in interior design. In general, the pastel lilac color is quite a difficult color to work with, - it is a bit candy-like, on the other hand, it is cold. 
  • Violet. A cold color, light, fairly pure violet or cool pink. 
Strong and brave shades:
  • Ultra violet, it is a shade for you if you are looking for elegant color which is associated with wealth, splendor and modernity. 
  • Amethyst. Are you looking for a color which has calming and soothing effect? Amethyst is a shade for you. 
Mysterious and dark shades:
  • Plum. It’s a shade for someone who likes brown and beige but also a deep green. 
  • Aubergine. Dark, saturated, mysterious shade of purple. Aubergine color will go well with greys but also along with toned down, brick shades of red and orange. 
  • Berry. If someone likes appetizing shades, this is a great choice. This color looks beautiful in the company of off white shades. 



Color your devices the way you want! Please visit our Configurator.


What is Configurator? It is an online tool which we designed so that you can easily check and match every device to your expectations. We advise what colors in which models you can have.

  • Refrigerated counters. Individual RAL colors can be selected at no extra cost in the entire line SiX, while in other models, there is an additional surcharge for individual colors.
  • Upright refrigerated cabinets. If you want to match the color of the cabinet to the walls, e.g. in violet, we recommend the entire series of ecoline cabinets and all double-sided glazed wardrobes with permanently installed glass, where you will receive any color from our Rapa color chart included in price.
  • Confectionery display cases. You will receive a wide selection of wood effect boards in all models. Moreover, the EXCELLENTE line offers beautiful lacquered fronts in black and white, especially matching violet.
  • Bakery and vegetable shelving. In these models you will find wood, the choice of which is always timeless. The combination of purple and wood will create an atmosphere that will work well in both Provencal and classic styles.
  • Multideck refrigerated displays. Wood effect or painted front? Our color chart is very wide and if you want oryginal individual color, contact us directly.
  • Flower counters, they are models which love colors. Have a look and configure.


And when you choose the device… What you will put in it? For gourmets, we have a hint – violet/purple accent on the plate!


For the second course, add the purple potatoes to the meat and the violets to the salad. The purple accent on the plate will attract not only the youngest. When your kitchen is out of inspiration, add purple to your plate. Many studies confirm that colors have a real impact on human appetite. We suggest purple/violet products:


  • Lavender is used mainly in French, Spanish and Italian cousines. Due to it’s intense smell it should be used in small amounts. A few lavender shoots can be used, for example, for roast mutton, fish stewed meat with vegetables or fish jelly. 
  • Truffle potatoes, it turns out that due to the purple color, they have more benefits than ordinary potatoes. They get this color due to anthocyanins - natural dyes that have healing properties. Unlike other purple vegetables, truffle potatoes have a purple skin and center. Research also shows that purple potatoes have an anti-inflammatory effect and a beneficial effect on the system due to their high anthocyanin content. 
  • Aubergines ideal for slimming diets as it is low in calories. 
  • Red cabbage is an excellent source of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins C, K, B1, B2, B6, A, and minerals such as potassium and, in smaller amounts, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper and zinc. 
  • Red onions contain potassium, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, as well as a number of B vitamins, as well as vitamin E and vitamin C. Remember that red onions are also low in calories. 
  • Blueberries are a source of many vitamins and minerals. They contain selenium, copper, zinc and mangnesium. In addition, we can find vitamins C, A, B, PP. Blueberries are also a rich source of fiber. 
  • Plums regulate digestion, protect against free radicals and even improve the mood. Prunes are richer in terms of nutrition, vitamins and fiber, but have five times more calories than raw plums. 


RAPA inspires


After our hints and combinations, we hope that your curiosity will settle in your interiors with our devices. Now you know how to introduce this interesting color to the interior and on the tables. We encourage you to change! Take courage. After all, violet is a sign of bold curiosity and self-confidence. Do you need advice? We are at your disposal, write to us: rapa@rapa.lublin.pl

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