RAPA multideck refrigerated displays - compendium

Feb 23, 2024

Multideck refrigerated displays is the solution most often used in large shops, but it is increasingly being used by the owners of smaller stores. Shelving makes it possible to display a large assortment of goods in a relatively small area of sales space. At RAPA, we have created several shelving variants that can be easily adapted to your needs. See what we can offer you!


GT S multideck refrigerated display - a capacious device for large shops



The RCh-GT S model is the largest refrigerated shelving available in our offer. We created it with self-service large-format shops in mind, so its dimensions are impressive:  


  • 259 cm width (250 cm display width)
  • 221 cm height (187,5 cm display height)
  • 100 cm depth (41 cm shelves depth i 57 cm display bottom)


Thanks to its dimensions, the shelving unit can store large amount of products. The deep shelves can accommodate dairy cartons and, if necessary, you can change the angle of the shelves to make goods even more visible and accessible to customers. Price strips attached to the edge of the shelves will also be useful. You can conveniently place there product prices and indicate promotional items.

The great advantage of GT S multideck displays is also that they can be linked together to form long refrigerated lines, which will allow you to prepare an extensive display of your product range while saving some space in the storage area. The GT S shelving unit is designed to work with an external unit, which significantly reduces heat and noise emissions in the sales area.

The high cooling quality of the GT S multideck display is ensured by a thick layer of insulation and hinged doors with gravity self-closing. We have also designed a gravity drainage system for condensate, which flows directly into the drainage system in this model.

Więcej informacji na temat modelu RCh-GT S.

Compact SR multideck refrigerated display - large display for medium and small shops



The Compact refrigerated shelving unit is a 'condensed' version of refrigerated furniture - it provides spacious display area, yet its dimensions allow it to be placed even in a small shop.


  • 196 cm width (187,5 cm display width)
  • 214,5 cm height (170 cm display height)
  • 70 cm depth (display depth: 36 cm top shelves, 40,5 cm middle shelves, 44 cm bottom shelves)


The Compact refregrating shelving unit is characterised by a simple, universal design that will fit into any space. Thanks to its ergonomic interior, it is comfortable to use for both staff and customers. It is also easy to keep clean. The capacious shelves, which are adjustable in height and angle, will accommodate a large amount of stock, and the energy-saving LED lighting ensures that it is well lit.

Thanks to dynamic cooling and a precise temperature controller, even temperature conditions are maintained throughout the device. The glazed sliding door prevents a constant inflow of warm air from outside and saves a lot of electricity.
As with the GT S multideck refrigerated display, the Compact SR is designed for use with an external aggregate and the condensate drain is discharged into the drainage system. The possibility of installing additional display elements such as crossbars with "s" or "spike" hooks allows to create new exposition variants, and the option of combining modules in a refrigerated lines enables it to be enlarged.


RCh-SR multideck refrigerated display - device with aggregate for smaller spaces


The RCh-SR refrigerated shelving is available in two sizes: 133 cm and 196 cm wide. The overall height of the shelving unit is 202 cm and the depth is 70 cm. This multideck refrigerated display is equipped with 4 shelves with a depth of 34 cm, which you can also angle. Products can also be placed on the bottom of the 43.5 cm wide display. As with the previous two models, you can order modules to combine into long refrigeration lines.

The shelving is equipped with an internal aggregate powered by the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-290, but it can also be ordered in a version without an aggregate, to be connected to an external unit. The device features dynamic cooling and condensate drainage into a container. An easy-to-use electronic controller with display "watches over" the correct temperature level.

The sides of the multideck display are made of toughened, composite glass, the main frame in the refrigerated section is made of stainless steel and the base is made of steel painted in RAL 7004 signal grey, RAL 9005 deep black or RAL 9003 signal white. You can choose to finish the lower front in stainless steel, powder-coated steel or furniture board, and the upper front in stainless steel or powder-coated steel. The interior of the display is made of stainless steel.



RCh-O multideck refrigerated display - open shelving for better product accessibility


The Rch-O multideck refrigerated display is the only open shelving unit in our offer. Like the RCh-SR model, it can be ordered in two sizes: 133 cm and 196 cm wide.

The greatest advantage of RCh-O shelving is that it provides convenient access to products, which the customer can reach for without having to open the door. This type of shelving is also suitable for stands where products are served to the customer by a salesperson, making the service process much quicker. To save energy, we have fitted a perforated night blind to the shelving, which you can use to cover the display when the shop is closed.

The muldideck refigerated display is available with and without a agreggate (for R-290 refrigerant), with the condensate draining into an internal container. By analogy with the RCh-SR model, it can be ordered in various finish options for the front panels.



POS-A shelving for impulse sales


The POS-A shelving unit is a device designed with impulse sales in mind. Its small size - 72.5 cm or 92.5 cm wide, 145.5 cm high and 66 cm deep - allows it to be placed in the checkout area and filled with products that are often reached for at the last minute, such as small snacks or drinks. In addition to the refrigerated display space, the shelving unit also offers a small unrefrigerated space at the top of the device.

The POS-A model is equipped with an internal aggregate with R-290 refrigerant, and we used dynamic cooling with an automatic condensate evaporation system.

The main internal frame in the refrigerated area of the device is made of stainless steel and the sides are made of tough tempered glass, which increases the visibility of the display. The housing is painted in RAL 7021 grey black as standard or in the colour of your choice from the RAPA colour chart, making it easy to match the shelving to your interior design.



Refrigerated cabinet SR/WH/BP - instead of shelving for small shops



Sometimes the retail space is so small that multideck refrigerated display is not an option at all. You can then replace it with a spacious refrigerated cabinet without a divider, which can accommodate a large assortment but takes up slightly less space than a shelving unit.


The SR/WH/BP model is available in three widths: 120, 140 and 160 cm, so you can easily choose the size to suit the dimensions of your premises. The glazed sliding doors ensure that goods are well displayed and access to the interior is convenient even with the small space in front of the cabinet. The 50 cm deep solid shelves make it possible to store a large number of products, both separately and in multipacks, such as dairy cartons. You can also easily place drinks in the cabinet. Thanks to the LED lighting installed inside, the device's interior is clearly visible to the customer, and the price strips on the edges of the shelves make it easy to place prices.


The SR/WH/BP cabinet is equipped with an internal aggregate (refrigerant R-290). We have designed it with dynamic cooling and an automatic condensate evaporation system.


Both the housing and the shelves are painted in RAL 7021 grey matte black as standard, but can be painted in any colour chosen from the RAPA colour chart.


If you would like to find out more about RAPA multideck refrigerated display, please contact our Customer Service Department by phone: 81 742 53 10 lub or emailrapa@rapa.lublin.pl. We will be happy to help you choose the best devices for you!





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