RAPA products for deli

May 22, 2023

Every catering establishment that prepares and sells food needs reliable catering equipment in order to operate efficiently and effectively. Therefore, choosing the right devices is one of the key decisions to be made in this business. Well thought-out and compiled devices are a great investment for the future. Below we have prepared a sample set of stainless steel devices and furniture, which are the basis for the functioning of a professional kitchen and catering premises.



1. Stainless steel tables


We offer very solid furniture made of acid-resistant AISI 304 stainless steel. You can choose between tables with a housing without shelves, with one shelf or with two shelves. In addition, the range includes lockable tables with hinged or sliding doors. The table tops are finished with a back edge as standard. Additional side rims can be ordered for an extra charge.




2. Stainless and painted storage upright refrigerated cabinets


Our range includes stainless steel storage cabinets designed for catering kitchens. Each cabinet model can be manufactured from stainless steel - both the interior (NW) and the exterior (NZ). Standard cabinets are painted in RAL 9003, for an extra charge they can be painted in any colour from the RAPA colour chart or in an individual colour chosen by the customer. In the case of Ecoline cabinets, painting of the housing in a colour from the RAPA colour chart is offered as standard, at no extra charge.





3. Upright freezers


An excellent choice in a delicatessen will be the FAT Freezer Cabinet, the interior of which can be customised to suit your needs. A set of shelves on guides comes as standard. The same guides can also be used for GN containers. On request, we will fit the freezer with special guides for pastry trays. We have ensured that our cabinet is as energy-efficient as possible. With a daily consumption of 3.65 kWh and an annual consumption of 1332 kWh, it is one of the most energy-efficient devices of its kind on the market!








1.Heated and refrigerated serve over counters


RAPA has a range of heated serve over counters with guides for GN containers, ideal for hot food. The device is equipped with 3 sets of guides as standard. You can place a maximum of 6 sets of guides in the display, which you order from the range of accessories. The SiX range of heated counters guarantees perfect display of goods on a surface 88 cm deep. And for products that require cold storage, we have a range of refrigerated counters. The heated counters can be freely combined with other devices from the SiX line to gain additional space for display or work. For smaller establishments, we offer A- and B-line counters, which are ideal for displaying delicatessen products and can even fit into a small space.








2. Single and double glazed cabinets


It is good to equip catering establishments with glazed cabinets, which display all kinds of delicatessen products, including cakes and drinks, very well. Double-glazed cabinets are also a great solution from the service side - not only is the product range clearly visible to the customer, but the staff also find it convenient to take it out and serve it.





3. Confectionery display cases


RAPA confectionery display cases can be used to serve both sweet cakes and desserts and salty snacks such as sandwiches or salads, as well as drinks. Catering premises should be equipped with elegant and functional display cabinets with straight (models A and C) and curved (model B) panes. Please note that models with straight panes have a very large additional display space.





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