The beginning of the school year in the store — a little reminder

Chłopiec z plecakiem pisze na tablicy

The beginning of the school year in the store — a little reminder

Aug 26, 2021


For parents, the end of vacation means it’s time to prepare the kids for school. For store owners it’s time to change the assortment. Instead of ice cream and beer, in September we will be selling more chocolate bars, croissants and yoghurts, so food products that work best during lunch breaks. What else is worth remembering before starting the next school year? 


Show the change in your front exhibition


Do you offer all the products needed for school? Be sure to create an appropriate display on the shop window to tempt new customers, and to remind the forgetful ones that the school year is coming soon. You can put the school set on such an exhibition or create a special offer for your regular customers. 


Regardless of who you want to attract, our buying habits change with the start of the school year. More people shop in the morning, before school starts. Compared to the summer season, significantly fewer customers will visit the store in the afternoon hours.


Baton czekoladowy i baton owocowy muesli



What do we choose for a snack to school?


Typically school snacks are included in the category of impulse products. These will therefore be sweet bars, wafers, individually wrapped croissants or cookies and small drinks. The basic requirement is that they last several hours in the backpack and be comfortable to eat during a few-minute break.


The display of such products should be planned in advance. Familiarize yourself with the new products on the market and the most-bought products to provide customers with a wide offer. The Trade Hit list, where you will find the best-selling FMCG products, can help you with this.


Display bakery products on appropriate shelving designed to illuminate and display individual products.


Make sure you offer healthy snacks to school for kids


Although sweets are not healthy, they reign supreme in school backpacks because they are still cheaper than the healthier variants of snacks. Fruit bars cost an average of PLN 1 more than chocolate bars, which significantly influences customers' purchasing decisions.


However, it is worth having fruit bars, muesli and functional bars in stock. These, also bought willingly for work or training, are definitely a healthier alternative also as lunch at school. 


Meanwhile, dairy snacks are a strong competition for chocolate: fruit mousses, drinking yoghurts and desserts. These are best displayed on the multideck refrigerated display or in the area of cash registers, on cooled POS shelves.


Rogaliki i pieczywo jako przekąski



Snacks for online lessons? Yes!


The experience of the last year has shown that school can have many forms. Forced to work or study from home, we did not give up snacks. An increase in sales was recorded last years by wafers and sweets in "family" packaging, that is simply: higher grammage. These also cannot be missing on the shelf of your store.


Are you already thinking about the assortment for the school year? If you need help in choosing the right devices for storage, display and sale, we are at your disposal. We will propose the best solutions, help you plan the space and share our knowledge and experience. Contact us.



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