Transporting the device - how to prepare

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Transporting the device - how to prepare

Dec 16, 2021


The decision has been made, you are opening your own business. Congratulations! There is still a lot ahead of you, as well as ordering and picking up your cooling equipment. We will help you prepare for that. In this article we will show you, how to prepare for the arrival of the device you want, and install the equipment without stress.


Device transport - basic information for the supplier


When determining the transport of refrigeration equipment, first, take into account the amount of the devices. W plan differently when it comes to the transport of a single refrigerated cabinet, and differently in case of the modules included in the line of refrigerated display counters. In this case, to prepare the order, you will need to configure the modules, and tell us how to set them up in the premises. The devices go to the site pre-assembled, our specialists set them up and connect them according to the recommendations in the order. In the video below, we have shown how the assembly of a series of refrigerated counters in a relatively small premises looks like:





Carrying heavy equipment


When arranging transport, remember to answer the following questions:

  1. What does the driveway to the premises look like, and are there any restrictions for long (11-13 m) and heavy (12-16 t) cars at the unloading site?
  2. How close to the entrance can you drive?
  3. Will there be people on site who will be trained in the use of the devices?

Mężczyzna z wózkiem paletowym przechodzi przez magazyn




Details that guarantee a stress-free delivery


We value clear communication, and in the case of delivery, it is better to provide more information than necessary so as not to be disappointed later. It also doesn't hurt if you send some photos of the location. Below you will find a list of information that significantly simplifies our work: 

  • the location of the store, specifically the floor (e.g. ground floor, high ground floor, basement),
  • are there any stairs or other architectural elements that may make it difficult to bring the devices, 
  • distance to the destination, possible obstacles (e.g. pillars, railings, bends) - here a short film is very helpful, 
  • can we enter the site with a pallet truck? 

How to prepare the place of delivery:


1. Provide us with all the information regarding the site's policy during a pandemic, if the property manager expects a completed survey to be delivered - please send it to us in advance.

2. Make sure that there is a prepared electrical installation on site with grounded sockets connected to it.

3. The place of delivery must be cleaned, the more room there is to maneuver, the smoother and easier the delivery will be.

4. Let us set the exact assembly hours, when both you and the delegated employees will have time to complete the formalities calmly. There will be a need for a person who will sign the device acceptance protocol and employees who will be trained by us and learn how to operate and maintain the devices.

Podpis na protokole odbioru urządzeń


What's next?

Choose devices and contact us. We will process the order and guide you through the purchase and delivery process.


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