We advise how to choose a refrigerated counter from several dozen models

Jak wybrać spośród kilkudziesięciu modeli urządzeń chłodniczych

We advise how to choose a refrigerated counter from several dozen models

Aug 19, 2021


A, B, C, D, E, F or maybe S or X? Our offer includes as many as 25 different models of refrigerated display counters. What are the differences between them? What to look for when you compare models, and what should you think about to make the purchase an investment for years? We advise you on what you will find "standard", and what is worth investing in to gain even greater comfort of use.


What counters will you find in our offer?


Refrigerated counters are devices used to display and sell such products as, for example, meat, cold cuts or cheese. They require the presence of staff, and at the same time allow you to sell products that are not available in unit packages. Refrigerated counters available on the market differ in appearance (e.g. the shape of the glass) and the cooling system. Our offer includes:

  • Line A — counters A, A1, A2 i A3
  • Line B — counters B, B1, B2, B3
  • Line C
  • Line D — counters D, D3
  • Line E — counters E, E Max, E1 and E1 Max
  • Line F — counters E, F Max, F/NW, F/NZ
  • Line SiX — counters S, Si, X, Xi, X/NW, Xi/NW

Lines from A to F are our "standard" models, while the SiX line includes premium counters. They not only differ in appearance, but also in materials used for production, possibility of combining into cooling lines or equipment. 


Ciąg chłodniczy złożony z lad prostych i narożnych



High standards of all refrigerated display counters


Before we focus on the differences, however, note that each of our refrigerated display cases:

  • works in the 3rd climatic class,
  • has an internal unit,
  • it is equipped with an electronic temperature controller with a clear display,
  • it is cooled with the ecological R-290 refrigerant,
  • has an automatic defrost function,
  • it is equipped with LED lighting adapted to the products (meat or dairy),
  • it has a split bottom of the display made of stainless steel (the bottom segments of the display can be removed for cleaning),
  • has adjustable legs,
  • it has a threshold-free storage, thanks to which you can conveniently insert the box inside,
  • has safe, toughened glass.

What's the difference between them? Appearance and interior. Let us discuss these differences one by one.


Choosing the refrigerated counter: these design features affect the comfort of use


Design is not only about making the device look good, but most of all for it to be as functional as possible, both for customers and staff. The choice of the shape of the glass is a matter of taste. However, the method of their mounting and the appropriate actuators in SiX counters allow for additional, easier cleaning of the interior of the exhibition after a whole day of work. 


Standard models from our offer have been equipped with bumpers, which protect the device against unfortunate padding, e.g. when a customer manoeuvres around a store with a shopping cart.


The colour must match the interior. That is why our standard counters are painted in various colours as part of our pattern book or in a special colour chosen by the customer. Individual models differ in the possibility of painting individual elements, e.g. in counter A you can choose only the colour of the front, while in counter A2 you can choose the colours of the front panel, body and sides. Thanks to this, you can match the counter to any decor or brand colours.


Speaking of colours, our counters from the premium segment (SiX line), apart from the painted front, can also have wood-like panels. This solution is perfect for elegant butcher shops and regional products, designed with attention to their natural character.


The finish of the front is not only about the colour or bumpers. From the customer's side, you can install a railing, i.e. a shelf for a basket or a shopping net. We offer such a solution for the SiX line, models A, B, C and D.


Przechowalniki w standardowych ladach chłodniczych



Length and depth what do I need to know?


Optimal space management is a real challenge. It happens that the available space does not allow you to set up a large counter, which is why in our offer you will find neat devices with a length of 82 cm. On the other hand, for those with a larger interior, we enable the combination of counters into cooling lines with the option of using corner counters.


You can set the lines E, F and SiX in the strings. Add freely devices in different lengths that work best for the range of products you offer. We will help you plan an ergonomic and comfortable work space.


SiX - counters unique on the premium counters market


The SiX line is a unique combination of functionality and modern design. In addition to the optimal exposure depth (75 cm) and an enlarged storage room, they have a number of amenities, including:

  • dynamic cooling,
  • automatic condensate evaporation system
  • almost unlimited combination possibilities,
  • cooled space under the exposition.

Differences between the standard models


Start looking for the perfect counter for the store by determining the size of the available space and decide whether you want to arrange the counters in a string or if free-standing devices are enough for you. Then consider the appearance: the shape of the glass (straight vertical, oblique or bent).


Individual models of standard counters differ in the materials of which the sides are made (filling made of ecological polyurethane foam), the top (plate, stainless steel with a specific texture) or housing elements (e.g. a leg cover). The most important thing, however, is that the counters marked with the letters A, B, C and D are free-standing models. If you want to set a string, choose between E, F or premium counters from the SiX line.


Lady E and F are models that can be combined into cooling lines. They differ in appearance, with the shape of the glass being the most visible of these differences. Lady E has curved glass, Lady F - straight glass. Additionally, under the F line, you can choose corner refrigerated counters (external and internal).


You can freely combine the counters from the SiX line into strings. The S models are those with a bent glass, the X models have a straight glass. In this line you will also find corner counters and open-display short-glass counters. You can combine them all.


Think about the possibilities of arranging the space


If you need help arranging your store to make the most of the refrigerated display cabinets, please contact our Customer Service Department. We will advise you on the best solutions in the selection of a refrigerated counter, we will bring and install the devices.



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