We train and develop for you - report

Szkolenie stacjonarne chłodnictwo

We train and develop for you - report

Feb 18, 2021


We often think back of previous trainings. We plan and timidly enter possible dates in the calendar, with hope that soon we will be able to host service technicians from other cities. And because - as Ludwik Hirszfeld said - "The best microscope will not contribute to the development of science if it is kept in a closet", we decided to organize training for our specialists responsible for contact with the client on a daily basis.


We are opening the season for knowledge


Winter has come for good in Lublin. Due to the fact that we are friends with low temperatures, instead of waiting for better times, we have organized a meeting for our team. There was one goal: to refresh knowledge. Why?

  • Because we have specialists-practitioners on site who deal with the design, testing and construction of cooling devices on a daily basis;
  • because we have a space where several people can freely train - everyone gets a solid dose of knowledge,
  • because we have a back office with devices of various types on which we can show step by step how they work.

Thanks to this, we can show and explain the intricacies of technology. You won't find it on the internet.


Obsługa regulatora temperatury w szafie chłodniczej


Take a look at the nooks and crannies of the devices with us


Such training is one of the few opportunities to look into places that are usually covered. The participants learned, among others:

  • how to recognize defects that are particularly difficult to detect,
  • what solutions do we use in the latest cooling devices, 
  • what changes await us in refrigeration in the near future.

Szkolenie z budowy lady chłodniczej



New devices are new solutions that you must know


We verified the theory on our devices. During the training, we looked inside:


This is a huge amount of knowledge that we want to share further.


Grab the knowledge!


Why is the training important? Because nothing can replace the contact with a specialist and the possibility of asking questions. That is why we invite you to the training today. 


We have plenty of ideas, but we are curious what kind of training would you like to participate in?



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