What is a heated serve over counter and what is it used for?

What is a heated serve over counter and what is it used for?

Jun 2, 2022

Storing and at the same time presenting hot dishes to customers in an attractive way is quite a challenge. Many fast food restaurants, canteens, bars, cafés and shops struggle with it. How should roast chicken legs, stewed vegetables, sauces or soups be displayed to encourage purchase and maintain the right serving temperature, so that they do not lose any of their flavour? In the following article we suggest the ideal solution!


Always fresh, always delicious

The nature of some restaurants and catering establishments does not allow the food served to be prepared in real time. This applies especially to places where efficiency and speed of service are of prime importance. In this case, dishes are usually prepared in advance and then placed in special containers or heating devices, which are to maintain the right temperature of the food.

For the various types of food served in catering establishments, these temperatures are as follows:

  • hot main courses and desserts - min. 63ºC
  • Soups - min. 75ºC
  • Hot drinks - min. 80ºC



Hot dishes which have been previously chilled and then reheated require a higher temperature than that specified above. In this case, food should be served at a minimum of 75ºC to ensure product safety. Diffrent dishes should be placed in separate containers to prevent contamination. Basic hygiene and health regulations require the use of separate cutlery for each container, such as serving tongs or spoons. Please note that hot food should be kept in the warming unit for no longer than two hours. After this time, they are no longer suitable for consumption.

It is not easy to comply with all these strict rules and at the same time to show customers the entire tasty range, helping them to make a purchase decision. This is where specialised gastronomic devices heated serve over counters - come to the rescue.

Counter for special tasks

The RAPA L-S/DHBM and L-X/DHBM counters from the SiX line are designed to keep hot food in the right conditions and, at the same time, to display it in a visually attractive and extremely practical way. Prepared sauces, meats or vegetable side dishes do not need to be reheated each time and can be easily presented to your customers to help them compose their meal. What other advantages do our counters have?



By equipping the counters with an analog temperature controller, you can easily set it in the range from 30 to 90 oC, depending on your current needs.

The large front glass, lifted comfortably on lift-up gas springs and PMMA sliding curtains located on the staff side, allow for effective presentation of the available assortment and comfortable customer service.



The counter provides a convenient arrangement of the space inside, thanks to movable slies and the possibility to insert GN containers of various sizes. The applied construction solutions and the interior made of stainless steel guarantee high resistance to damage and make it easy to keep the device clean, which is of key importance in catering.



The heated serve over counters can be conveniently set into lines, combining them with other devices and furniture from the SiX line to create a coherent, elegant and functional arrangement of retail and service space.



Exchangeable front panels made of furniture board or painted steel, available in many colors, allow to adapt the appearance of the device to the interior design. Device is complemented by LED lighting adapted to the character of the products.

All this makes the heated counters perfect for various gastronomic projects!

If you have any questions about heated serve over counters or other devices and equipment from our offer, we are at your disposal. Contact us by calling 81 742 53 10. You can also write to the following address: rapa@rapa.lublin.pl. We will be happy to help!

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