regał piekarniczy ze stali nierdzwanej
Device features
Available colours
stal nierdzewna, inox
stal nierdzewna, inox
stainless steel



konstrukcja i boki regału z malowanych profili stalowych

Show more thanks to the skeleton structure

Thanks to the minimalist frame made of black 20x20 mm profiles, your products are perfectly visible from all sides. You can easily illuminate them and you will have unlimited access to them. 


Place it steadily and without restrictions

The RP-C rack is equipped with 4 shelves, which are inclined at an angle of 15 °, thanks to which your products are properly displayed. Each shelf has a limiter - a low steel side, which not only holds the baskets firmly in place, but also serves to show prices.
You can easily keep the shelf clean, because we made it of stainless steel.

przestrzeń przechowalnicza pod ladą która mieści do 6 pojemników EURO 2

Save time  you need to serve your clients

Thanks to the lowest, horizontal shelf, you gain additional storage space. You do not have to carry products from the back room and you gain time that you can spend on customer service. 

Set it exactly where you want

Thanks to the adjustable legs, you can place the shelving on your own, even on uneven floors.

nogi regulowane
niezależny system osuszania szyb w ladach chłodniczych SiX

Exactly as big as you need it

The size of the device can be perfectly adapted to the place in the store. Please contact our Customer Service Department for more information.

Standard equipment


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    Sides and structure made of steel profiles painted in colour RAL 9005 Jet black - semi-mat


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    Standard, leaning shelf with limiters made of grinded stainless steel - 4 pcs.; 1 pc. of bottom horizontal shelf
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Additional equipment


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    Set of 4 pcs. of rotary wheels (2 with brake)
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model  RP-C 150
width [cm] 150
exposition width [cm] 146
depth [cm] 50
height [cm] 200

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Leaflet - Shop shelving - RAPA
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