Cheeses in refrigerated counters - 6 rules of effective exposure

Sery eksponujemy według jasno określonych zasad

Cheeses in refrigerated counters - 6 rules of effective exposure

May 27, 2021


Cheese is one of those products that sell all year round, although some (e.g. feta cheese) are the most popular during the warm months. We eat them on sandwiches, add them to sauces and pizzas, and enjoy them by arranging them on a board. They accompany us as side dishes and a separate dish. It is therefore worth having a wide, properly displayed offer of these products in the store. In this article, you will learn which devices to sell cheese on and how to plan your exposure to get the most out of it.


Choose the correct device for cheese display


Cheese, like cold cuts and meat, can be displayed in many ways. However, for the best storage temperature, at least one refrigeration appliance must be in the store. In the case of cheeses, you can choose from:

  • refrigerated counters, which will be the best solution for products available by weight that require the presence of a seller,
  • Closed and open multideck refrigerated display for self-service sales are the most frequently chosen model for portioned products that do not need to be cut anymore. These devices offer the greatest display space and allow you to create an impressive composition. 
  • Refrigerated islands are best for stores with a larger area that develop their offer in a self-service system. The island provides convenient access to products from each side of the device and perfectly complements the display in counters or shelves. 

In this article, we will focus on planning displays in refrigerated display counters. We wrote more about how to choose a refrigerated counter here: A guide to store equipment - how to choose a refrigerated counter. If you are just considering buying such a device, you will find a handful of tips that will help you find out about the offer. On the other hand, if you already have a counter, and you want to display your cheeses or improve the display, learn about proven methods that you can easily apply at home. 


Urządzenia do ekspozycji i sprzedaży nabiału



6 rules of effective cheese exposure in regrigerated counters

  1. Create groups and organize the exhibition - at the same time take care of the “abundance” effect of the stand. The key by which you organize your products is up to you. You can sort the cheeses according to their type, country of origin or choose your own determinant that will allow you to establish a dialogue with the customer (for example, tell the story of a given cheese). 
  2. Arrange the products so that they are clearly visible - depending on the assortment, you can do it in two ways. Place the largest items on the bottom, smaller items on the front and on top. Thanks to this, each cheese will be perfectly visible. If you offer products with a special price, they should be the closest to the customer. Then place the cheapest products from the permanent offer closest to the seller.
  3. Large blocks and circles should be cut so that the customer can see what the cheese looks like inside. Of course, such a product should be properly secured against drying out by wrapping it tightly in cling film.
  4. Arrange the products in layers so that the customer can see the full offer. Cascades for refrigerated counters will help. Regardless of whether you have a flat or cascading display, be sure not to obstruct the ventilation openings. In each counter you will find an indication of how high the goods can reach.
  5. Blue cheeses should lie, not stand, so as not to interfere with the maturation process.
  6. Goat cheeses, which have a characteristic white color and a smooth, delicate texture, are displayed on the same principles as all hard cheeses.


Jak długo można eksponować sery w ladach



Mistakes by which you waste goods


Too haste never pays, and cheese is a delicate product. Unfortunately, there are still errors that you can see being made in different stores that make products spoil faster or simply do not encourage buying.


One of the most common is that price tags are nailed into cheeses, which damages the product and may contaminate it (especially if you are transferring the price from blue cheese to hard cheese, for example). Therefore, whenever possible, choose price tags that you can put next to the cheese. They should be made of a material that is easy to clean.


The same goes for slicing cheeses. Each species should have a separate knife, adapted to the type of cheese.


Refrigeration devices will help to keep the freshness and flavor, but remember that the temperature to be selected depends on the type of product. Familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's recommendations and plan the exposure based on them.



One step further - prepare a supplementary offer and advise 


Remember that customers may not be familiar with cheese. Your role is, inter alia, on advising not only the choice of cheese, but also additives to it. You can equip your store with complementary products, suitable wines, desserts and fruits, boards or knives to complete the shopping experience.


The appearance of the refrigerated counter also affects the reception of the exhibition. We offer counters from the SiX line, which will add elegance and take care of the goods and convenience of use. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on the best solution.



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