Dismantling glass in refrigerated counters - how to do it yourself?

Dismantling glass in refrigerated counters - how to do it yourself?

Apr 21, 2022

Self-disassembly of equipment for many sounds like Greek and something that only a specialist can do. However, we don't always have a professional next to us, do we? Therefore, we will show you how to effectively disenchant such a task using tools and your own hands. You can really try to disassemble the glass in refrigerated counters yourself. How? Just follow our tips. We believe that it will give you a lot of satisfaction!


Why remove the glass at all? Well, it is necessary if you intend to move a refrigerated counter through a narrow door or window. Thanks to this, the device will fit in a narrow doorway and will not be damaged during transport.



To start dismantling the glass yourself, you need the right tools. Stock up on items such as:

  • a spirit level with a minimum length of 2 m;
  • screwdriver with Phillips bit and Allen bit 4;
  • 10 mm and 7 mm flat wrench (needed for models B, C, D, E, F);
  • knife.

Do you already have them at hand? Let’s act!

The method of disassembling the glass depends on the model of the refrigerated counter, therefore we have prepared three different instructions.


Dismantling of glass panes in refrigerated counters from A to E

In the case of models A, B, C, D and E, you can disassemble the glass in a very similar way:

1. First, remove the windshields from the guide. To do this, tilt the glass forward, and then pull it up.

2. Then use a spanner to unscrew the top glass (model A), then grasp it with both hands and carefully lift it up. On B, C, D and E models, the windshield is also the top glass, so it is now removed. Instead, you need to unscrew the metal visor with a 7mm spanner and gently detach the lighting.

3. Now a screwdriver will come in handy. Remove the screws that hold the metal cap and the top of the device. Take off these items.

4. Using the screwdriver again, unscrew the sides of the device.

5. Using a knife, remove the silicone layer that sticks to the glass of the body of the device. Remember to support the glass pane with one hand before it falls.

6. Finally, remove the side windows.



Dismantling glass in refrigerated counters F

For F-counters, remove the glass as follows:

1. Remove the top glass by grasping it with both hands and carefully lifting it up. It is not attached to anything, so you don't need to use any tools.

2. Using a 10 mm open-ended spanner, remove the cable from the handles in the windshield. Note: Releasing the rope and its rapid coiling may damage the device components.

3. When the cable is removed, carefully pull out the windshield in the same way as on models A, B, C, D and E.

4. It's time to remove the side windows. To do this, remove the roof, upper connectors and vertical crossbars.

5. Finally, lift the side windows to remove them.



Dismantling of glass in SiX refrigerated counters

For this model of the counter, you should also purchase a TORX T25 wrench or bit, a 2.5 hex key or an ampoule bit and a 10 mm socket wrench with a ratchet and extension.

1. Remove the top glass by grasping it with both hands and carefully lifting it up. It is not attached to anything, so you don't need to use any tools.

2. Set the windows to the fully open position. Unscrew the screws securing the windows in the system holders (using a TORX key / bit).

3. Unscrew the metal roof (using an ampoule 2.5 key / bit) and disconnect the power from the lighting at the same time.

4. Lift the side windows to remove them

5. Then unscrew the sides of the device.

6. In the next step, disassemble the front panels (using a 7mm flat wrench) and the strips with an electronic thermometer (using a star screwdriver).

7. Finally, remove the glass supports (using a socket wrench).


Warning! Be extremely careful when removing each glass. Grab the glass firmly, and then gently set it aside. Make sure not to accidentally hit the device or the floor with it. We use toughened glass in our refrigerated display cabinets, thanks to which such glass is six times more durable than ordinary glass. However, with sufficiently high pressure or hitting the edge, it can still be damaged. The good news: the toughened glass pane does not break, but disintegrate into small pieces. Even if you release it from your hands, there is a very small chance that you will cut yourself. Of course, we assume that you will do with flying colors, so you will not test such accidents in practice.

Were you able to easily disassemble and move the device? Keep in mind that when reinstalling the glass, it is very important to level the refrigerated display case. Place the device on a flat and even surface, then use a spirit level to check that there is no deviation. Base on aluminum windshield slide from top.

Are you looking for the perfect refrigerated counter or do you have any questions about disassembly? Call 81 742 53 10 or write to the following address: rapa@rapa.lublin.pl We are happy to help!

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