How to choose a refrigerated cabinet - a guide to devices and benefits

Jak wybrać szafę chłodniczą do rodzaju działalności

How to choose a refrigerated cabinet - a guide to devices and benefits

Jan 21, 2021

Regardless of whether you sell food, run a restaurant or a pastry shop, a refrigerator is the basis of your business equipment. A properly selected cabinet not only keeps the products fresh, but also helps in the proper display of the assortment and supports the staff's daily work. There are many possibilities, in this text we suggest what to pay attention to when choosing a refrigerated cabinet.


What is a refrigerated cabinet? It is a device that can be simply called a "professional refrigerator". Like the home ones, it works 24 hours a day, all year round. However, it has different operating parameters than household refrigerators and a different structure. In addition to food products (e.g. meat, dairy products), you can store semi-finished products and ready-to-eat products in them, e.g. exquisite desserts, sandwiches and juices.  


Choose a model for display or backroom 


First, think about where your wardrobe is going to work and who will use it. Our offer includes devices:

  • with steel doors (Z and Z ecoline cabinets) - they will work best in the back room or in the warehouse;
  • with glass doors (on one side, e.g. S and S ecoline cabinets) - for self-service shops, gas stations and back-up facilities;
  • glazed on both sides (2S cabinets) - for displaying products specified by the seller.

Steel door cabinets most often work in the back room or in the kitchen, where they are used only by employees. However, if you want to reduce electricity consumption, consider purchasing a glass-door wardrobe. Due to the fact that there is no need to open the cabinet to check what's inside, employees will open the door less frequently. Thus, you will save the energy needed to maintain the temperature.

Double-glazed cabinets were created to attractively display products that must be stored at a certain temperature and at the same time served by the staff.


Rodzaje szaf chłodniczych



Key technical parameters you need to think about


You already know who and where will use the refrigerated cabinet. You have limited the list of available models with those dedicated to the selected space. The next step will be to choose the best model in terms of technical parameters. Pay attention to:

  • Size - it must be adapted to the space you have and the type and quantity of products sold. Our offer includes both small single-door cabinets and large-width double-door devices. 
  • Positioning of the deck (top or bottom) - this will have an effect on your work. Cabinets with an upper aggregate are equipped with an automatic condensate evaporation system (you do not have to remember to empty it). In addition, the shelves are arranged lower, which makes it easier to carry products.
  • Materials from which the structure is made - we recommend the interior made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and meets sanitary requirements.
  • Type and spacing of shelves - adjustable shelves with brackets will allow you to adjust the interior to the stored products. We recommend equipping the cabinets for display with dense shelves, which make it easier to arrange the assortment of smaller dimensions.
  • Refrigerant - we care about the natural environment, which is why we use the natural refrigerant R-290 in our devices.
  • Climate class - defines the temperature of the device's surroundings. Select climate class 3 if the room temperature is between + 16 ° C and + 32 ° C. For a higher temperature range (from + 18 ° C to + 38 ° C), invest in a class 4 cabinet.
  • Ease of use - this category includes everything that improves everyday activities. Certainly, such elements include a temperature controller with an electronic display, a door opening method (convenient handles or sliding doors), a self-closing door with an appropriate lock, and the possibility of installing the door on the left or right side.

Jak wybrać szafę chłodniczą



Post-purchase care also plays a role


We want the device to meet your expectations. That's why our technical support is always available if you have any questions. 


At every stage of choosing a cabinet, we offer help and advice. Not only in terms of the devices themselves. We will help you modify the selected product to make working with it even more enjoyable. We also know that each business requires individual solutions. Therefore, we will gladly introduce such changes to the selected device that will help you solve the problems.


Are you looking for something else? Do you need a device that is not on the market? Contact us and take advantage of our knowledge and experience. Together, we will design and manufacture the device according to your guidelines.



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