How to combine good design with functionality in the store?

Katalog konkursu Dobry Wzór 2021 z ladami chłodniczymi SiX

How to combine good design with functionality in the store?

Jan 20, 2022


When browsing the available refrigeration devices, do you pay attention to their appearance? Or maybe practical parameters such as size, temperature range and material are more important to you? Good design is just as essential to designers of refrigeration equipment as ease of use and performance. That is why we approach each project from the point of view of... the client!


Tell us what you need


Some people know what they don't want, others need a little help finding the essentials of the perfect device. The height of the worktop, the length and depth of the exposure - all this matters and should be enclosed in a modern form.


Consumers pay more and more attention to the interiors in which they shop. Not only for the assortment, but also for the interior and arrangement of the space in the store. While in the case of restaurants and cafés it is no surprise to anyone and most of this type of space is properly thought out and designed, stores - especially small ones - have a lot to make up for when it comes to interior design.


Lady chłodnicze SiX jako finalista w katalogu konkursu Dobry Wzór 2021


Of course, there are manufacturers who listen to and analyze the problems and needs of shop owners or employees, and then combine them with top-class design.


The design must comply with the requirements set for the food industry


Designing refrigeration devices is a task for the best in their profession. Products must meet stringent requirements for safe use, durability and reliability.


We create them to improve the quality of work and customer service. That is why we make every effort to ensure that our products are easy to use and to keep clean. Depending on the industry, we will have different requirements for the arrangement of space. For example, a grocery store needs to be divided into specific segments and have a logical layout. 


The most important thing in designing a commercial space will be choosing the best devices for displaying products. In addition to aesthetics, practical solutions also count here:

  • the possibility of combining devices into cooling lines, 
  • adjusting the position or the degree of inclination of the shelves,
  • retractable device segments. 

The best devices give us the freedom to adapt them to the requirements of the consumer and store service.


Strona rozdziału z finalistami konkursu Dobry Wzór 2021 w kategorii Przestrzeń Publiczna


Devices that add character to the interior 


When it comes to visual trends, from 2020 we have been observing a shift towards natural materials. Hence, many wood-like elements in the finishing elements. Bright colors and creative lighting have also remained in vogue for several years.


Do you want to create an interior with character? Use the possibilities of adjusting the appearance of the device to your vision. We know perfectly well that your business is the most important to you. We will provide you with well-designed, functional refrigeration appliances and furniture that will match your vision. You will create a space that will sell.


Check how simple it is. Find the device you need on our website. Adjust the parameters and appearance. We also give you the option to use your own colour (not included in our colour chart) and purchase a built-in device. You can do it all by yourself using our configurator, which you can read about here.


Solutions that have been appreciated by specialists


Refrigerated counters from the SiX line were included in the final of the 28th edition of the oldest design competition in Poland - Good Design in the "public space" category among the 19 best products submitted to the competition. 

"In the Public Space category, fixed and movable products for furnishing spaces and public places are assessed." Congratulations to the other finalists and winners, and see our SiX range of refrigerated display cabinets.

See the SiX line here.


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