How to launch take-away sales - we support gastronomy

Jedzenie z dowozem to nie tylko pizza

How to launch take-away sales - we support gastronomy

Feb 4, 2021


We are waiting impatiently for our favorite restaurants to open again. Meanwhile, the owners of dining establishments have to come up with ways to ensure that clients will not forget about them. We know that under stress and uncertainty, marketing seems less important. That is why we have collected ideas for catering with delivery and patents on how to remind guests about yourself quickly and without much work. 


What food to offer in delivery? According to, in 2019 Poles most often ordered pizza. Kebabs, Polish and Asian cuisine were also popular. Vegetarian cuisine and fish dishes were less popular. Two years ago, we paid an average of PLN 53 for the food we ordered. In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we order our food more willingly. Our preferences are also changing. We order dishes that we would like to eat on the spot in our favorite restaurant.


Save smart 


Let's start with the back room, which is where you prepare your meals and store delicious ingredients. Plan your savings at the beginning, when choosing the right devices. You can choose from many refrigerated cabinets that will help you not only store products, but also save on electricity bills. Pay attention to our Ecoline cabinets, designed with care for the environment. The glazed cabiner is a solution for those who do not want to open the door of the device unnecessarily. If you don't already have a refrigerated cabinet, be sure to read our article: How to choose a refrigerated cabinet - a guide to devices and benefits.


What to do with the food left at the end of the day? One of the new ways to save money is the TooGoodToGo application. It allows users to buy food that has not sold during the day and thus avoid wasting it. You sell everything, and the consumer enjoys a lower price and a tasty meal.


Get noticed on the internet


The way we use the internet has changed during the pandemic. Therefore, if you are not yet on Facebook or Instagram, it's time to catch up quickly. How to use the possibilities of social media?

  • Set up a professional fanpage for your restaurant, where your clients will find the menu and opening hours,
  • catch the eye with a tasty menu - it doesn't have to be large, but it's good to have ready-made dinner sets (e.g. those that can be ordered for work), both in meat and vegetarian versions (we like to order in one place, even if we have different preferences),
  • post appetizing photos of real food you are cooking. The use of image banks is prohibited here. There are tons of tips on the web for taking great food photos with your smartphone. Show a refrigerated display case or a counter filled with dishes waiting for orders.,
  • Show your passion for what you do - food, show off your hardworking team,
  • do you have a well-designed interior? Post photos to keep guests eagerly awaiting reopening,
  • think about a loyalty card and promotions, lunch at work or the upcoming Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to offer your guests something special (even to go!), 
  • support those who stayed at home and share your cooking tips, interesting recipes for dishes at home. Make them wait for messages from you.


Zdjęcia możesz robić smartfonem



You don't have to be a graphic designer to design a clear and aesthetic menu or graphics for social media. Take advantage of Canva's free tool, which is not only easy to use but also comes with a range of pre-made templates. The use is so intuitive that it is not a problem even for people who do not know any graphics programs.


Use the power of the application


Do you want to be where your customers are? Take advantage of the food-ordering platforms that your guests regularly buy from. You have many options to choose from. For example, already has nearly 10,000 restaurants, so it is worth considering cooperation and getting found.


Ekologiczne torby



What else keeps us coming back and having a favorite restaurant?


As a consumer, we expect professional service. Sounds serious, but what does it really mean? Small gestures that we make towards the client are key to a good relationship. They may seem irrelevant to us, but it is worth "investing" in them:

  • reply quickly - confirm the order as soon as possible and estimate the waiting time for delivery;
  • inform the customer about the stages of service - we like to know that the ordered food is already on its way to us, or why it is delayed, 
  • be eco - it's not only fashionable, some customers even require it. Limiting plastic or choosing a paper bag for packaging instead of a foil mesh will definitely leave a nice impression;
  • focus on small gestures that will make the client remember you. Some restaurants include a “Thank You for being with us” note for the order. It's a nice gesture that means a lot.

Leave a good impression and gain a regular customer


We like to eat good food. And the places that offer our favorite meals for delivery are a godsend for us when we do not have time or energy (or talent!) to cook ourselves. The possibility of ordering our favorite food gives us hope that our favorite restaurants will survive the crisis, and soon we will all meet at the noisy tables.



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