RAPA new – external corner refrigerated counter L-X/NZ

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RAPA new – external corner refrigerated counter L-X/NZ

Mar 10, 2022

Can a store be beautiful, comfortable and functional at the same time? This is exactly what it is going to be like when you choose refrigerated counters from SiX line along with corner counters. 

Our new L-X / NZ external corner counter can be easily adapted to the aesthetics of the interior, but can also be flexibly combined with each other in series lines along with refrigerated counters -straight, neutral - cash counters or internal corner counter. Thanks to the corner devices - external and internal - you can connect devices at 90 degree angles and create solutions tailored to your needs..

Our novelty – What you get along with counter L-X/NZ.



Why is it worth it?

  • You will ensure the highest comfort of opening the front glass and the use of the refrigerated counter, as the counter is equipped with a window opening system on lift-up actuators.  
  • You will gain an additional space, as you can put products that don’t require cooling on top of the counter. 
  • In refrigerated counters from line SiX, you will get a perfect display of goods on a surface with a depth of 75 cm.   
  • You will get a modern design and high-quality workmanship, as the SiX line counters have been designed to allow easy replacement of the front panels..
  • You will provide comfort and convenience for your customers, because you can order a railing for the front panel, on which you can put a bag or a basket.
  • You will take care of the device, because you can install stainless steel bumpers on the front of it.


Do you want to create a consistent design? Have a look at the devices and create your interior.
External corner L-X/NZ

Refrigerated and neutral devices that you can complete for the counter are, for example:



Configure the L-X/NZ device

If you want to see what your refrigerated counter can look like, go to our website and see all the possibilities with our configurator see

Do you need advice ? We are at your disposal, call or write:rapa@rapa.lublin.pl


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