RAPA the master of flexibility! Match the equipment of refrigerated cabinets!

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RAPA the master of flexibility! Match the equipment of refrigerated cabinets!

Aug 4, 2022

An upright refrigerated cabinet is one of the most important devices in a grocery shop and professional catering establishment. It is important to adapt it to the specific conditions and needs of the users, so before purchasing it you need to think carefully for what purposes it will be used for and and whether it does not require non-standard solutions. RAPA offers a wide range of additional equipment variants that will allow you to adapt the cabinet to various tasks. See what we can do for you!


What instead of shelves

Shelves in an upright refrigerated cabinet are not always the most desirable option. Sometimes the products to be stored in the device require a different arrangement of space. Some meats, cold cuts or fish are sometimes better stored on hooks. If such goods are to be placed in the cabinet, you can, equip it with an 'S' hook bar as an accessory.

It is also common for products going into a refrigerated cabinet to be packed in GN containers. In order to shorten and simplify the loading of these into the refrigeration unit, selected cabinet sizes can be adapted specifically for this type of container at the ordering stage.

The standard set of 5 shelves in single cabinets or 10 in double cabinets is replaced with 10 or 20 sets of guides, respectively.

Another option is to reinforced the bottom of the cabinet chamber and insert a special base on which the boxes can be placed without any fear.






If shelves, which ones?

Shelves are by far the most common solution for organising the inside of a refrigerated cabinet. It is important to choose shelves that are suitable for the type of products you intend to store inside the unit. As a standard, the cabinets are fitted with white plasticised shelves (protected by fluidised painting). If the goods are small, you can opt for densely-ribbed shelves or, in addition to the standard shelves, order perforated pad made of grinded stainless steel. You will also find stainless steel shelves - with standard rib spacing and dense ribbing - in the accessories range. For more information, see our earlier article: https://rapa.pl/en/aktualnosci/shelves-for-a-refrigerated-cabinet-how-to-choose-the-right-type-of-shelves-for-the-device




Useful additions

When you arrange the interior of your refrigerating cabinet, it is worth considering equiping it with practical and energy-saving LED lighting with an automatic switch, and for full convenience also an open door signaling. .Price strips may be useful in glass cabinets intended for displaying goods in the sales space. Energy-saving and trouble-free operation of the device are ensured by a pollen filter, a USB temperature recorder and a hinged door self-closer. If you want to prevent unauthorized access to your cabinet, you can also equip it with a lock.









A solid foundation

All rooms in which refrigerated cabinets are placed require systematic, thorough cleaning. The devices themselves also require regular cleaning to function properly. Both of these actions will be much easier to perform if you decide to install a set of 4 swivel wheels with an adjustable foot in the cabinet, due to which you can easily move and turn it or acid-resistant adjustable legs, which are not afraid of strong detergents and high temperature.




Housing & interior

Not only the equipment, but also the design of our refrigerated cabinets is flexible. The steel housing of cabinets is powder-coated in white as standard, on request, we can paint it in any color from the RAPA colour chart. Similarly, the interior - as standard made of decorative aluminum sheet - upon your request will be made of "mirror" type stainless steel. Also, on special request, we will paint the interior in the color of your choice from our color chart.

Similarly, the interior: as standard, made of stainless steel, type "mirror", on your request, we will paint it in the colour of your choice from our colour chart.








If you have any questions about the standard or optional equipment of our refrigeration cabinets, or would like to find out more about the units we offer, please call: 81 742 53 10 or write to: rapa@rapa.lublin.pl. We will be happy to tell you more about our offer!


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