Regały piekarnicze i warzywnicze w ofercie RAPA

Apr 12, 2024

A functional and aesthetically pleasing grocery shop arrangement requires both refrigeration devices and neutral complementary furniture, especially bread shelving and vegetable and fruit shelving. In our range, you will find several models of neutral shelving for attractively displaying bread, rolls and sweet baked goods, as well as fruit and vegetable assortments. Thanks to their universal form and many available finishes, they can be easily matched with other elements in your store. Choose the best option for your business!


Bakery shelving RP-A1 and RP-B1


The RP-A1 and RP-B1 bakery shelvings are characterised by a simple, elegant shape that will fit in with any interior design. With a choice of finishes for the top and bottom fronts, sides made of furniture board and the crumb drawer, it is easy to adapt the furniture to an individual project. The beechwood slats used for the shelves give the shelving unit an elegant appearance and ensure proper air circulation. The shelves are finished with a stop in the form of a wooden fence, so that you can dispense with the use of crates or baskets and place the bread directly in the shelving. Price strips are attached to each shelf to allow prices to be displayed conveniently. In addition, the lower shelf can be fitted with dividers to separate the different types of assortment. The shelving unit is topped with mirrors that make the display even more attractive, and at the very bottom we have placed a practical crumb tray that makes it easy to clean. Importantly, the shelving units can be easily connected to form longer lines to create a roomy display.


Bakery shelving RP-A and RP-B


The RP-A and RP-B bakery shelving units are functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture, made of wood and furniture board. They are equipped with adjustable stainless steel legs and practical bumpers made of soft PVC in grey. The upper and lower fronts of the shelving unit can be painted in any colour chosen from the RAPA colour chart, as well as the choice of furniture board decor from which the sides are made. The display is equipped with an overhead mirror to enhance the impression of an abundance of assortment, and each beechwood shelf with a price strip and energy-saving LED lighting. Below the lowest shelf, we have fitted a pull-out waste tray. As with the RP-A1 and RP-B1 models, the shelving units can be combined in lines.


Bakery shelving RP-C


In the interiors of shops and bakeries decorated in a more modern style, the RP-C bakery shelving unit will be ideal. This shelving model is characterised by its minimalist form, achieved thanks to a structure made of black 20x20 mm profiles. This will ensure that your products are perfectly visible from all sides and that you have easy access to them. The products can be attractively displayed on 4 shelves, inclined at 15°, equipped with a special stop which prevents the bread baskets from sliding off and allows you to insert price tags. A fifth horizontal shelf at the very bottom of the shelving unit can be used as storage space. Keeping the shelving unit clean will not be a problem, as it has been made of cleaning-resistant ground stainless steel. The adjustable legs allow for stable positioning of the furniture even on uneven floors.





Vegetable shelving RW-A and RW-B

The neutral RW-A and RW-B vegetable shelvings are the perfect complement to the multideck refrigerated display in the arrangement of a fruit and vegetable stall. The shelving units are made of beech wood and furniture board, the pattern of which can be chosen from the RAPA colour chart to match the furniture to the interior design of your shop. It is also possible to choose the colour of the front in painted steel. The sloping shelves of the shelving unit are made of beech wood. They can comfortably accommodate assortment boxes measuring 40 x 60 cm. Each shelf has a price strip and neutral-coloured LED lighting, and the lower shelf is additionally equipped with a practical furniture board divider. Under the bottom shelf is a pull-out stainless steel tray for waste. The vegetable shelving units can be connected in a line to create a large display area.






If you are interested in one of the bakery or vegetable shelving models and would like to order it or find out more details about it, please contact our Customer Service Department on tel. 81 742 53 10 or mail at: We will be happy to help you choose the right model!

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