Urządzenia RAPA dla branży medycznej i farmaceutycznej.

Apr 5, 2024

Refrigeration devices play an extremely important role in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. No laboratory, clinic, hospital or pharmacy can operate without them. They guarantee safe storage of pharmaceuticals, laboratory preparations, medical products and other substances requiring refrigeration conditions. See which RAPA devices are used in these sectors!


Safe refrigerated transport


Many medical and pharmaceutical products absolutely have to be stored at a low temperature to maintain their durability. Before they can be properly secured at their destination - a pharmacy, laboratory or medical facility - they must be transported from the manufacturer in accordance with the cold chain, i.e. at a constant, low temperature, which should be monitored along the entire transport route. Such conditions are guaranteed by the RAPA Cargo refrigerated cabinet specially developed for this purpose. Thanks to its ability to be powered by both direct and alternating current, the device is able to work continuously, maintaining appropriate cooling parameters, which can be monitored in real time using temperature measurement sensors installed inside the device. 


Safe refrigerated storage


Pharmaceuticals and medical products delivered to a pharmacy, clinic or hospital, as well as various laboratory chemicals that need to be kept cool, can be stored safely in RAPA glazed refrigerated cabinets. The glazing allows you to easily locate the product you need, so you can keep the opening time of the device's door to a minimum and thus prevent unwanted warm air from entering the interior. For products that need to be kept out of the light, single- and double chamber refrigerated cabinets will provide the right conditions.


Epidemic safety thanks to refrigeration


Refrigerated storage does not only apply to medicines and pharmaceutical preparations. It is also necessary for various types of medical waste, such as used dressings or surgical waste, which pose an epidemic risk. Before they are disposed of, a low temperature prevents the growth of microorganisms and the release of harmful substances in their surroundings. This is especially important in any medical facility where it is essential to keep the highest hygiene standards. A specialised waste refrigerator RAPA BIN2 is a device designed for storing such contents. Thanks to the low temperature, waste degradation processes are inhibited and the sealed construction prevents insects from entering.










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