Retro or modern - how to arrange a confectionery in an attractive way?

Retro and modern photo-collage of inspiration

Retro or modern - how to arrange a confectionery in an attractive way?

May 26, 2022

Of course, the most important element of any confectionery is the sweet assortment. The place you create will not prosper if you do not provide high-quality cakes, pies, cookies, muffins, tarts, etc. However, that’s not the only reason customers like to visit the confectionery. They want to sit in a nice, relaxing interior and enjoy their little pleasures in peace. They simply need a moment for themselves, a moment of silence, break away from everyday life, and recharge with positive energy. If you provide it to them, they will be happy to come back and tell their friends about your place. Therefore, remember that a tasty product is not enough. The way you arrange the entire confectionery also matters. What style to choose? Retro or modern? We hope that our article will help you choose a style closer to your heart and you will easily put it in place. Good luck!



Stylish retro, a nice touch of nostalgia

Unusual and fun - that's how you can quickly characterise retro style. If you want to provide your customers with a sweet return to the past, this décor will prove to be a hit. Eating a delicious cake in a setting lifted out of the 1950s, 1960s or 1970s is a pleasant experience for all the senses. People are sure to enjoy this atmosphere and want to come back again and again.

How to plan the colour scheme? Both light and pastel colours (which are great for smaller interiors) and bold, dark colours work well with the retro style. Don't be afraid to use burgundy, brick orange, strong red, mustard yellow, bottle green, gold, turquoise. It is important to keep some moderation and not to overdo it, so that the decor does not overwhelm with loudness and does not become chaotic.

Walls shouldn't be a neutral background. They are meant to attract attention and electrify, so go for a frenzy of vibrant and imaginative colours. Use a cheerful wallpaper, where a lot of intensive colours harmonise with various geometrical patterns or floral motifs. Wooden parquet floors, such as herringbone, go well with these walls. Hang patterned curtains at the windows.



The next step is to create a comfortable and pleasant space where the customer will like to sit. Wooden or plastic furniture with rounded shapes will work well here. Upholstered chairs and quilted sofas are also a good idea. Place stylish vases or wooden plant pots on the tables.

Don't forget about vintage accessories. Maybe you can find something interesting in the attic or at an antique fair. A telephone with a dial, a camera or a radio set from several decades ago, a standing clock, plastic figurines from the PRL times, macramé wall hangings, a rug with geometrical patterns, standing lamps, old posters in wooden frames... All this will help you quickly create an unforgettable atmosphere. And maybe you can get some old plates and saucers to serve the sweet treats on.

Of course, in the rush of preparation don't forget to display your cakes and biscuits in a creative and interesting way. After all, this is the product you want to sell. To keep your sweets fresh for as long as possible and at the same time to catch the eye immediately, display them in a refrigerating device made for this purpose. As we mentioned earlier, retro style likes rounded furniture, so the C-B confectionery display case is perfect for this. You can easily match it with a retro interior by choosing wooden elements from a wide range of colours and decors. It will go well with old-fashioned accessories and intensive patterns.



Modern style means functionality and simplicity.

The modern style is a completely different story than the retro. However, it is also a great setting for cakes and other sweets. Functionality, comfort, minimalism and moderation are in in the foreground. There is also a strong affinity with geometry. In such an interior, customers will quickly calm down and get away from the overflow of stimuli for a while.

How to plan colours? This is where the colour madness takes a back seat. Subdued, neutral colours are in the lead: black, white, grey, beige and brown. They do not overwhelm and provide an unobtrusive background. You can mix and match them several times or opt for one dominant colour.

Use materials such as steel, glass, wood, concrete and chrome in a modern style. If you want to optically enlarge the space, paint the walls white. However, you can also use another colour from those listed above. Do not use curtains in the windows; sunlight will naturally brighten up the interior and a visible street will be a vivid image.

Don't overdo the amount of unnecessary furniture, as spaciousness and moderation are what counts most. Choose chairs and tables with simple, geometric forms. Do away with quilting, unnecessary elements and massive shapes. Above all, furniture should be comfortable and compact.

Modern style does not like overloading with accessories and ornaments. The less, the better.  Of course, you do not have to give up expressive and colourful elements; just remember not to exaggerate with their quantity. For example, hang a reproduction of a modernist painting or a framed photo on the wall. Or go for simple and elegant vases or lamps.



How to display your sweets so that they fit nicely into a minimalist and functional design? A refrigerating device that will not only significantly extend the freshness of products, but also show their beauty in all its glory, will also work here. The Excellente C and C-A confectionery display cabinet, enclosed in a simple and light geometric form, perfectly matches the modern style. If you decide on one of these models, choose subdued colors from the proposed palette - for example, in the color you plan to paint the walls.

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