Stainless steel - the queen of the catering industry.

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Stainless steel - the queen of the catering industry.

Jun 9, 2022

Anyone who has even once had the opportunity to look inside a professional kitchen in a restaurant, certainly noticed that stainless steel reigns supreme there. Starting with pots, through furniture to kitchen equipment and devices. This is no coincidence - the material copes very well with the demanding conditions that are undoubtedly present in the vicinity of hot dishes, fats and liquids, sharp kitchen tools or strong cleaning detergents. What makes it the catering industry's favourite material and why should you choose it? We have compiled some of the most important information for you.


First of all - durability.

By choosing stainless steel equipment you do not have to worry about accidental damage, which is not difficult in a very dynamic kitchen environment. Being hit by heavy equipment, spilling troublesome liquids, such as red wine, or the high temperature of dishes used in the kitchen are not a problem in this case. The material is resistant to deformation under the influence of heat and distributes the temperature evenly, which eliminates the risk of burnsThere is also no risk of it catching fire or becoming brittle or cracked, which makes it an exceptionally safe material in harsh environments. Stainless steel also does not corrode, so it is not affected by humidity. Even corrosive liquids, such as some disinfectants containing chlorine, will not harm it. These properties mean that fittings made of this material retain their good looks for many years and do not need to be replaced. In short, you can rely on them 100%!



Functionality is key!

Kitchens and any other place that has to do with storing and processing food, such as butcher's shops and factories, are bound by strict hygiene rules, which are an absolute must if we want to run our business successfully. From this point of view, it is extremely important to furnish such space in a way that will make it easy to keep it clean. Stainless steel is the ideal solution in this respect. First of all, its structure makes it a non-absorbent material and all impurities remain only on its surface, and thus are easy to remove, which prevents the development of undesirable - especially in contact with food - bacteria, viruses and fungi. The smooth surface significantly facilitates cleaning and disinfection, even with strong detergents, high temperatures or even ozone treatment. This makes it much easier to maintain the right conditions in the place where food is prepared and stored.



Don't forget about aesthetics.

Stainless steel equipment is not only high quality and functionality, but also exceptional aesthetics. Devices made of this material can be successfully placed in visible places, because they look very stylish, and their universal, usually simple form will fit into any space. The "stainless" finish will be especially useful in open kitchens, where we can observe the process of preparing meals. Due to its exceptional durability and ease of cleaning, it will look elegant and tidy for a long time. You can also easily match it with other appliances, furniture and accessories, as it creates a neutral background for them.

Appreciating all the features mentioned above, stainless steel is widely used in our appliances - not only for finishing elements, but also for entire structures. Perfect examples are the RP-C bakery racks or Z/AG/2N cabinets " , Z/AG/2N cabinets '  which, depending on the customer's preference, may be available in a fully stainless steel version or with plasticised shelves. Thanks to precision workmanship and modern design, they always guarantee durability, high comfort of use and good appearance.


Upright refrigerated cabinet SCh-Z/AG/2N ' Upright refrigerated SCh-Z/AG/2N " Shelving RP-C
szafa zapleczowa nierdzewna szafa zapleczowa dwukomorowa nierdzewna regał sklepowy


If you would like more information about the stainless steel refrigeration cabinets or our other appliances, please call us at 81 742 53 10 or write to We will be happy to tell you more about our offer!

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