The new look of bakery shelving


The new look of bakery shelving

Jul 28, 2022

It is no secret that the successful sale of most products, especially food products, depends not only on their price and quality, but also on their proper presentation. This is especially true for unpackaged items such as bread. Fresh, floured breads and buns attract customers not only by their smell, but also by their attractive appearance. Where and how they are displayed is therefore extremely important. Aesthetic display of the bakery assortment significantly influences purchase decisions, so it is worth investing in an elegant and functional bakery shelving.bakery shelving.


PSimplicity and functionality

In creating the RP-A1 and RP-B1 bakery shelving, we opted for a simple, minimalist form that will blend in effortlessly with any environment. Depending on your interior design and the look of other elements in your equipment, you can choose a shelving unit with a subtle curve in the side made of furniture board (model B1) or a completely straight one (model A1). Each will look great in both classic style interiors and the modern ones.

The discreet charm of natural materials

Most people would agree with the statement that food tastes better from an elegant ceramic plate than from a plastic tray. The same goes for the display of goods. Food products placed in aesthetically pleasing containers made of natural materials look far more appetising than those arranged in plastic boxes. This is why we make the shelves and their stops in our bakery shelvings from natural beech wood slats. This not only creates a great visual effect, but also ensures that the bread is stored in the right conditions.



Handy solutions

When it comes to foodstuffs, especially unwrapped items such as bread, strict hygiene rules are of paramount importance. This means that the furniture used to store them must be easy to clean. The design of our bakery shelvings allows for easy and efficient cleaning, mainly due to shelves made of wooden rungs that do not hold crumbs and a convenient waste drawer located under the last shelf, easy to empty even several times a day. In addition, for an extra charge, you can order sliding covers of PET and cover of bottom shelf with blockade.



A perfect display

A stylish bakery shelving is not just about shelves, but also the right equipment to bring out all the qualities of the assortment on offer. One of its most important elements is lighting. We know this very well, which is why we install energy-efficient natural-colour LED lighting on each shelf to beautifully display the fresh bread. The effect of an abundance of goods is achieved by mounting a mirror on top of the shelves, and aesthetically pleasing price strips attached to the shelves allow for convenient display of product prices.



Your choice, your colour

An unquestionable advantage of our new shelvings is that you can choose the décor of the sides, top and bottom fronts and the front of the crumb drawer from the wide range of designs in the RAPA pattern book. You can also choose one of the four available colours for the housing of the furniture. In this way, you can freely match the shelving to any interior and create a harmonious composition with other design elements.



Lots of space for your products

We produce bakery shelvings in up to eight widths: 64 cm, 86 cm, 106 cm, 126 cm, 144 cm, 168 cm, 184 cm, and 208 cm, as well as two depths - 80 and 100 cm - so you will surely choose the right size for you. If you really need a lot of space for products, you can opt at the order stage for a version of the shelvings suitable for setting into highly functional bakery lines. Just click on the "module to be connected in lines" tab in the configurator on our website and adapt the furniture to your needs or contact our Customer Service Department.


Useful accessories

Furniture for a retail and service business must be, of course, aesthetically pleasing, but an equally important factor - if not more important - is its usability. Above all, they should be comfortable to use on a daily basis, both for the staff completing the range and for the customer reaching for the products. For this reason, we have mounted the shelves in our furniture at a slight angle and, as an additional option, we offer dividers for the lower, deep shelves, allowing different types of bread to be separated from each other. Moving the shelving to another place or, for example, to clean up the space behind it, will not be a big challenge for you if you also equip it with a set of 4 pcs. of rotary wheels, two of which have brakes.



If you need more information about our shelving units or would like to know about other products in our range, please contact us at 81 742 53 10 or write to: We are at your service!



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