Why do flowers need to be stored in cool temperatures

Why do flowers need to be stored in cool temperatures

May 5, 2022

Florists - and not only them - know very well that cut flowers are a beautiful, but also quite fleeting pleasure. There are a number of care treatments that can slightly extend the life of cut flowers. However, they do not always turn out to be sufficient, and faded plants are a big loss for florists. So let's approach the topic cold - literally. The blooming buds will stay fresh for much longer when they stay cool. Why does keeping flowers at low temperature increase their lifespan? What's the best temperature? How to protect cut flowers during the day when they need to be shown to customers? What refrigeration device should I bet on? Among other things, you will find out below.


Low temperature is a good friend of flowers


The flowers are often stored in a cold room before they reach the stands and florist’s. It’s no wonder, as low temperature is a real boon for plants:


  • Makes flowers and buds develop more slowly. Therefore, the plants stay fresh for much longer and are suitable for sale for a longer period of time.
  • It inhibits the evaporation of water from the leaves. The flowers take up less fluid from the container, which reduces overall water consumption and prevents it from wilting quickly.
  • Limits the growth of bacteria and lowers the risk of plant disease.
  • Minimizes the concentration of ethylene, which is a compound that destroys chlorophyll. As a result, the plants age and shed their leaves slower, so they stay healthy and beautiful longer.


If you don't keep the flowers cool enough, you may need to throw them away even every day, as they will wither quickly and won't look attractive enough. While, kept at low temperature, they can last up to a week. It makes a huge difference, isn't it? Thanks to such treatments, you have the opportunity to sell even a supply of flowers with a short flowering period without any losses.


Take a cold approach to cut flowers


What temperature do cut flowers like best? Different plants have slightly different preferences, but this is usually between 5 ° C and 8 ° C. The most delicate plants are orchids, spurgeons and anthuriums. These species need a little bit higher temperature than the rest. In turn, roses, gerberas and carnations can stand more cold conditions.


The storage temperature can’t be too low (it absolutely not below zero!), because then the flowers will freeze and will not be suitable for sale. Also try to avoid sudden changes and fluctuations in temperature, as this will cause water stress in the plants and reduce their shelf life.


Flowers like to stay cold also during the day


At night, keeping flowers in the cold is relatively easy. But what about many hours of the day? After all, the plants must be removed from the safe covers of the cold store and shown to the customers. They will spend long hours in much higher, often changing temperatures, displayed on shelves or a stand. Such a change will not have a positive impact on them. And it is impossible to make a cold store from the entire flower shop, because the air must have a temperature that does not scare people away.


So make sure that you also provide perfectly cool conditions for your flowers during the day. How do you do this without compromising the aesthetic aspects of your display? We have the solution in the form of the L-BK flower cooler. Your customers will be able to admire your range in all its glory, and you can be sure that your plants will stay in top condition for a long time.



Why will your flowers (and your customers) love our flower cooling counter?


We have equipped our L-BK flower cooling counter with a number of features that will keep your plants safely cool while fully displaying their extraordinary beauty:

  • Thanks to the special "super mirror" cover made of stainless steel, everyone can see all the beautiful colours of the flowers from a distance.
  • In addition to the mirror cover, the unit has tempered glass sides, so the customer can easily see the plants from all sides without taking them out.
  • If you plan to freely arrange the compositions, removable segments will help..
  • On the front there are panels in which you can insert cards with important information, for example the price or names of flowers. The customer will surely appreciate this facility.
  • The flowers will stay fresh for a very long time because we have applied dynamic cooling. Thanks to it, the temperature inside is evenly distributed.
  • If you care about the environment, we hasten to inform you that we used ecological refrigerant R-290 for cooling.
  • The device is equipped with an easy-to-use electronic controller with a display. Therefore, you will set exactly the temperature you want.
  • Do you want to quickly move the counter to another location? No problem. We attached four swivel wheels to it. Of course, we've also added two brakes, so you can be sure it will stay stable.
  • We will paint the counter in the colour you wish. So it will fit perfectly with your florist decor and your brand.
  • The counter should be cleaned regularly in order to best perform its function. You will do it quickly and efficiently, because we built it from high-quality stainless steel.



If you want to more about our refrigerated flower counter or other products, be sure to call us at numer 81 742 53 10 or email us at: rapa@rapa.lublin.pl. We are happy to answer any questions!


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