Excellente, the perfect display

witryny cukiernicze RAPA w cukierni Bagietka

Excellente, the perfect display

Jun 23, 2022

You know the saying "eat with your eyes"? It has a special meaning in a café or patisserie. When it comes to decorative craftsmanship, confectioners could easily compete with jewellers. Fantasia, precision and richness of form are pleasing to the eye in both cases. Similarly to diamond necklaces and earrings, cakes, pastries, pralines and desserts require appropriate display. How to build it so that it delights and "sells" the assortment placed on it? You will find out in our article.


Befriend the cold

Unlike jewellery, the vast majority of cakes and other confectionery products require refrigerated storage. This allows them to stay fresh for longer, especially if you have some extremely perishable ingredients like fluffy creams, whipped cream, delicate fruits or chocolate decorations. Thanks to the reduced temperature, baked goods and desserts will maintain their texture, delightful taste and appearance.



Confectionery display - the key to success


Creating fancy and unearthly delicious confectionery specialities is only the first step to triumph in the sweet business. Now you have to sell all the stuff, and to do that you need to show it to potential customers in an attractive way. How to do it and at the same time ensure the sweets are at the right temperature? Use the Excellente C display case! It will not only allow cakes and pralines to be surrounded by favourable cold and ensure appropriate humidity, but it will also make sure that nobody passes them by indifferently. Thanks to dynamic cooling system and air curtains, the offered products will remain well protected, even when the glass is opened frequently.


Witryna cukiernicza chłodnicza C-C Witryna cukiernicza chłodnicza C-C L
szafa zapleczowa nierdzewna szafa zapleczowa dwukomorowa nierdzewna

Show your products in the right light

Well-considered lighting helps to highlight the best qualities of your sweet treats. That's why we've fitted our display cases with energy-saving LED lighting, positioned along the top and vertical edge of the front glass to best showcase the products inside. We have also ensured that its colour and intensity are matched to the type of product it will illuminate, giving it an even more appetising appearance!


Provide the right background

Not only the interior of the refrigerated display case itself, but the whole surrounding area "works" to sell products. The device should be placed in a highly visible place so that it draws attention to itself immediately. It is important that the equipment and decorations near the display are subdued and do not come to the foreground, reserved for sweet baked goods. One way to do this is to create an interior arrangement of devices and furniture from the same line, which will create a coherent and harmonious composition. Excellente refrigerated display cases can be complemented with a specially designed neutral LK-CC 90b cash counter and RP-C light bakery shelving unit. 


Lada kasowa LK-CC Regał sklepowy RP-C
szafa zapleczowa dwukomorowa nierdzewna regał sklepowy


Think about how much space you need

The choice of display case largely depends on the number and variety of products you want to sell and what you want your customers to look at first. If the range is wide, it's worth opting for a device with more shelves, like Excellente C. Remember to place the products your customers want most at eye level. If you need more space inside a display case and it is not necessary for it to be refrigerated, choose the Excellente C LN model. Thanks to the pull-out tray you can easily reach your baked goods at any time, and the convenient drawers located in the lower part of the device will accommodate packages and necessary accessories - so that everything is at hand. If you are looking for a compact device, the Excellente C L is a good choice.


Witryna cukiernicza neutralna C-C LN
regał sklepowy


Plan the composition properly

Arranging confectionery products in a display case should be like composing a museum exhibition. The assortment cannot be crowded together, as this does not look aesthetically. Try to leave some space between each type of product. Ideally, if you use elegant trays, matching the interior decor and the rest of the equipment, to arrange the cakes and cookies. If possible, try to create product groups that go well with each other in colour. The tempered glass panes we've equipped our units with allow you to see the display from different sides, so make sure it looks equally attractive from all angles.



Aesthetics - always at a premium

No display, not even the most elaborate and fancy one, will attract customers if it is not kept clean. That is why it is necessary to regularly clean the display, remove crumbs or traces of cream from the shelves and the bottom of the device, and wipe the glass. Thanks to the lifting and tilting front glass panes in our display cases, this is no problem, even when it is full. Due to the delicacy of the products, it is also necessary to check from time to time whether all products still look good and tasty, for example whether their decoration has not been damaged. The assortment disappearing from the display should be replenished with a new one, and if that is not possible it is worth changing the arrangement to avoid the impression of emptiness on the shelves.

It is worth adding that RAPA display cases are suitable not only for cakes and desserts. You can also use them to cool juices and drinks, which are often added to the assortment in pastry shops or cafés.


If you need more information about our confectionery display cases or other products, be sure to call 81 742 53 10 or write to: rapa@rapa.lublin.pl. We will be happy to answer any questions!

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