How do we make refrigeration devices on special order? Line of confectionery display cases for Baguette in Gdynia

Linia witryn cukierniczych na zamówienie

How do we make refrigeration devices on special order? Line of confectionery display cases for Baguette in Gdynia

May 6, 2021

Do you want to know how new refrigeration equipment is made for specjal order? How long does it take to design it? How ideas are born and what is the final result? We will talk about it on the example of Baguette, a store located in Gdynia, which we had the pleasure to design together with its owner - Ms Monika.

It started as usual with an idea. As Monika recalls: I had the idea for a franchise store for several years. I decided to cooperate with Baguette, for which I am the first store in this business model. The interior design had to be approved by the franchise owner. Refrigeration devices are an important part of it, so I needed a company that would make them according to my guidelines.

Bagietka w Gdyni


Mrs. Monika came to us with a specific need. She had to equip her premises with refrigeration appliances, furniture and shelves. Why did ready-made solutions turn out to be insufficient?


There are a lot of cooling devices on the market - admits Monika - but sometimes it is difficult to find one that will meet specific expectations. For me, it was important that different types of devices were intertwined (refrigerated display cabinets, neutral display cabinets, cash desks and refrigerated display cabinets again). At the back, I wanted to put shelves. Of course, everything had to fit inside the premises, which meant that the dimensions of the equipment would have to be adjusted.


Stage 1: We check what devices the Baguette needs?


We started working on a special project by writing down the needs reported to us by the client. In the case of Baguette, we had to take into account the fact that the devices are used by customers interested in cakes, rolls, etc. (when they look at the assortment) and store employees who use all amenities invisible from the outside.


In Ms Monika's premises, we primarily wanted to use all available space so that the exhibition was as large as possible. We knew that the devices for the new Baguette had to meet a number of requirements: 

  • be ergonomic (of appropriate height and depth), facilitate everyday work, 
  • fill the interior in such a way as to make the most of the space available in the premises,
  • properly present the assortment, thanks to appropriate lighting and construction that will not obscure the products,
  • look great, match the unique character of the place. 

Stage 2: First Proposals


Our task was to maximize the display area of ​​all devices to a depth of 80 cm - explains Rafał Międlar, Strategy and Development Director at RAPA. On such a surface, you can display a lot of the assortment and provide a working space for staff.


After measuring the available space, we decided to reduce the body of the Excellente confectionery display case to 100 cm wide. Thanks to this, we were finally able to put 3 cooling devices in Baguette, which work independently of each other. We also needed furniture that would complement the interior visually and functionally.


Witryna neutralna dla Bagietki w  Gdyni



Stage 3: New devices


The process of designing new devices always starts with collecting ideas and sketching - says Rafał Międlar. We discussed ideas with Mrs. Monika, we sent drawings. This is how a neutral display case with a retractable display was created.


Where did this idea come from? The neutral display case was not only to be used to present products. It also has a worktop. When designing, we had to make sure that the staff would have free access to the products under the counter. So we designed a movable exhibition.


The idea turned out to be a bull's eye. As the owner of Baguette recalls: The neutral display case was supposed to be similar to refrigerated display cabinets, because I wanted the aesthetic appearance of the whole. We display products that do not require cooling: dry cakes, rolls, packages, buns, challahs. The constructor designed them so that the display shelf can be pulled out. The solution works great because employees do not have to crouch while feeding the goods. In turn, we keep various bags for sale in the drawers. The device is very practical.  


Etap 4: Urządzenia uzupełniające


In Baguette, not only cooling display devices were needed. The refrigerated and neutral display case is completed by the cash counter. Here, we primarily took care of the aesthetics. From the service side, we have equipped it with 4 drawers to help keep it tidy.


Regał sklepowy o minimalistycznej konstrukcji



A new shop shelving was also built. In the project, we assumed that it should be practically invisible. Therefore, we eliminated everything unnecessary, leaving a minimalist structure that is easy to stock up and clean. The lack of sides or thicker elements makes the range visible even to those customers who are still in the queue.


As Ms Monika says - We use the new shelf to sell bread. It may look very minimalistic, but thanks to this it can be displayed nicely and it is very easy to keep it clean.

From design to implementation

Are you curious how long it took us to design refrigeration equipment for Ms. Monika's shop? After an intensive week of conceptual work, we prepared the final design with all dimensions and technical details. After approval, we proceeded to implement the project and test solutions. We finished the works after about 3 months. The effects can be admired in the photos, and you can order all devices and furniture for your confectionery, because we have introduced them to our regular offer.



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