Sweet moments last longer with new EXCELLENTE line

urządzenia chłodnicze ekspozycyjne dla branzy cukierniczej

Sweet moments last longer with new EXCELLENTE line

Nov 10, 2020

Imagine the perfect cafe. You enter a warm room, the air is filled with the smell of freshly ground coffee. In cozy, colorful armchairs surrounding small tables, guests sit absorbed in conversation or (how modern) work. The display windows are tempting with moist cheesecakes, warming apple pies, colorful cupcakes and sumptuous cakes. A smiling lady welcomes you, do you already know what you want?  


We know that cafes tempt us not only with sweets. The ones that are carried out with heart and passion, attract so much that we want to go in just for a coffee "to go". It is with such places in mind that we have created the latest equipment for cafes and confectioneries, which you will find in the EXCELLENTE line. 


Show more, keep the freshness


When your success is at stake - we don't compromise. The EXCELLENTE C refrigerated display cabinet is a device that will guarantee the best temperature and humidity for your products. You can choose between a width of 100 and 137 cm (or combine devices together). With EXCELLENTE C: 

  • you will limit losses, because we have equipped it with an air curtain that protects the products at every opening, 
  • you save time thanks to the automatic condensate evaporation system, which you do not need to empty,, 
  • you display all the advantages at the same time thanks to vertical and upper LED lighting, 
  • you can fit as much sweets as you dream of, because we have equipped it with an additional glass table top, 
  • you can provide products from the display windows yourself, but also allow customers access, because the windshield opens too 

See the options for EXCELLENTE


Witryna chłodnicza EXCELLENTE C


The EXCELLENTE confectionery display case is not everything. The line also includes neutral devices that you can combine freely.  


Free access to all products


We have designed the C-C 100 LN site for those who appreciate:

  • easy operation, because the stainless steel display can be pulled out, 
  • unlimited access to products with an opening windshield, 
  • additional space, because on the operating side you will find two convenient drawers in which you can fit all the necessary accessories. 

Configure the neutral confectionady display case


Witryna neutralna EXCELLENTE z wysuwaną ekspozycją


The EXCELLENTE line could not miss a rack for displaying those products that do not need to be closed. The RP-C 150 shelving guarantees:

  • the possibility of displaying the goods without restrictions, thanks to the skeleton structure, 
  • easy to clean, because you have access to every element,
  • additional storage space thanks to the lowest, horizontal shelf, 
  • ease of loading, thanks to the low side of the front, on which you can also display prices. 

See details about RP-C shelving


Regał EXCELLENTE z ażurową kontrukcją


The last but no less important element of the line is the LK CC 90b cash desk. Designed to fit in small spaces. What makes it unique?

  • it is a perfect place for a cash register and payment terminal, because the top is entirely at your disposal;  
  • is an additional space for storing accessories, because you get as many as 4 drawers from the operating side. 

Configure the new cash counter


Lada kasowa EXCELLENTE z szufladami


Functional and exactly how you want them

Regardless of what the perfect cafe looks like in your dreams, you can easily adapt the EXCELLENTE line to your vision. Make your dreams come true and create your own sweet business with the new EXCELLENTE line. See the variants and decors in the configurator and let us help you create your own space. We would love to stay for coffee ;)

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