What to sell food products in? Must-have devices

Witryna cukiernicza do ekspozycji deserów

What to sell food products in? Must-have devices

Mar 4, 2021


Remember: display devices, such as e.g. refrigerated display cabinets, are not intended for long-term storage of products. To maintain the freshness and quality of your assortment, always read and follow the guidelines on their labels. 


Divide the assortment


Different product groups require different temperature conditions. The modern consumer, however, expects the goods to be at their fingertips. Therefore, each seller should have properly designed devices for displaying and issuing goods. What? It depends on the product.


Divide the assortment into groups to be able to properly select the best device:

  • Raw meat and poultry require relatively low temperature storage. For displaying this group of products, we recommend SiX line refrigerated counters, eg L-X. This is a series of devices that can be combined into sequences to match the interior. They have an independent glass drying system that does not dry the products.
  • For the sale of cold cuts and delicatessen products, we offer: 
    • L-S refrigerated counter with dedicated lighting,
    • you can put products that are in packaging on a self-service cooling island, from which customers choose products that meet their expectations,
  • dairy products that can be stored at a slightly higher temperature than meat products can also be sold by weight or in a self-service system:
    • sellers will appreciate the capacious L-F refrigerated counter, 
    • if you have a lot of space and you want customers to take the products from the rack themselves, consider a multideck refrigerated display, for example glazed RCh-SR,
  • vegetables and fruits do not always require additional cooling. If the manufacturer recommends lower temperature storage, consider the L-Xi refrigerated display counter, or - with a self-service system - a refrigerated display, e.g. the open RCh-O.

If you use refrigerated cabinets in the back room, remember to properly divide and arrange the products. Store the meat on the lowest shelf in the refrigerator. This way, you will avoid contamination of the products below, if the container with meat turns out to be leaky, for example. 



Do ekspozycji mięs najlepiej sprawdzą się lady chłodnicze


Especially solutions for confectioneries and bakeries


Cakes or buns are a separate group of assortment that should be displayed in dedicated devices. Moist cakes with whipped cream, the mentioned cakes or puffs should be stored at a temperature of +4 to + 14 ° C. The EXCELLENTE C confectionery display case, which is additionally equipped with an air curtain to prevent drying out, will be perfect for this.


These sweets and bakery products that do not require refrigeration (e.g. donuts, nests, buns or rolls) can be displayed equally elegantly on the EXCELLENTE C LN display cabinet or on the RP-C shelf.


Ekspozycja warzyw na dedykowanym regale pozwala utrzymać porządek


Remember about the FIFO


In a grocery store, it's worth following one simple, but very important, rule. FIFO (First In First Out) means that the products that hit the warehouse earlier should be used (sold) first.


Of course, this does not release us from having to control the labels. There may be times when a product is delivered later and has a shorter expiry date than something we already have in stock. 


Ways to save


We like to save and it's not only about money. If you have a small space, you will want to save space. Counters from the SiX line, which have a large storage space, will be perfect for this role. Thanks to it, you will not only fit more products in the counter, but also save the time needed to move them from the back room.


You can only put in 1 refrigerated counter? Consider purchasing an additional compartment (fixed or movable) to store meat, cold cuts and dairy products in one device.


On the other hand, if you want to save yourself the trouble, check the temperature inside the chamber. All our devices are equipped with a clear, electronic display that will help you keep GHP / GMP and HACCP documentation.


Choose devices that work for you


Every business is different, so remember that we are here to advise and help. If you have questions or need a special device, write to us or call us.


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