How to choose a multideck refrigerated display - few tips

Oferta regałów chłodniczych w konfiguratorze

How to choose a multideck refrigerated display - few tips

Mar 11, 2021

A multideck refrigerated display is an absolute basis for the equipment of grocery stores, not only when it comes to self-service. A properly selected display will improve work in a large store, at a gas station or in small convenience stores. How do you find the perfect display and what to pay attention to? You will find the answers to these questions in this article. 


Most of us, when we hear the words "multideck display", we see with our eyes a really large device that stretches almost the entire length of the supermarket aisle. This association is absolutely correct, although in our offer you will find not only such spacious shelves in an open and glazed version, but also a quite inconspicuous shelf for impulse sales.


They all have in common that they are equipped with a cooling system, thanks to which you can store products in them at a low temperature (e.g. cold cuts, dairy products, drinks). If you are looking for a display without a cooling system, e.g. for selling bread or vegetables, check the RP-A or PR-B bakery rack, vegetable racks (RW-A and RW-B) or our newest, open rack with stainless steel shelves RP-C.


Think about the benefits - for yourself and your client


Equipping a store with a multideck refrigerated display brings numerous benefits, not only in the form of savings and well-stored goods. Of course, keeping your assortment fresh and selling healthy, tasty food is extremely important. With the right shelf: 

  • you give your customers a free choice of products, because the shelves do not require the presence of an employee,
  • you can expand your assortment and offer your customers new products, 
  • you strengthen sales because the products are illuminated with specially adapted light (for meat or dairy products), 
  • you can introduce seasonal products that require refrigeration, which customers select on impulse in the checkout area thanks to the POS-A display.

Regał do zakupów impulsowych



How to choose a multideck refrigerated display?


When considering the purchase of a refrigerated display, take into account its purpose and the space you want to develop. Among the refrigerated displays in our offer you will find: 

  1. RCH-O open display in a free-standing version or to be connected in lines,
  2. RCH-SR glazed display in a free-standing version or to be connected in lines, 
  3. The smallest POS-A display in our offer with an additional uncooled display area at the top of the device.

What parameters are the key when looking for the perfect device?

  • Capacity - optimal for a given place will accommodate enough products to save the time of employees who will not have to go to the warehouse often to fill the shelves. 
  • Depth - thanks to which you can easily control the expiry dates, and your customer has convenient access to each product. In our offer you will find devices with a comfortable depth of 70 cm. 
  • Construction - stainless steel shelves and display can be easily cleaned and disinfected.
  • Built-in adjustable legs, thanks to which you can easily level the rack, 
  • easy to install and operate - the built-in indoor unit means the unit can be plugged into the power supply. However, thanks to the temperature controller with a clear display and a magnet closed grille, the operation of the device and regular cleaning of the condenser can be performed without the use of special tools.
  • The ability to change the colors and match it to your brand or the style in which you run your store. You can modify our displays in the configurator. If this is not enough - write to us, we will build absolutely unique devices for you.
  • Additional equipment that will support your specific needs, e.g. meat / sausage hooks will be perfect for specialist butcher shops.
  • Energy-saving LED lighting with a dedicated color will bring out the best features of the products.
  • Pricing strips will help to properly mark the goods and encourage customers to buy.

Regał chłodniczy - ciąg w sklepie



Configure and see the available options


A refrigerated display rack is an investment for years, so you should carefully check your options and improvements. Our configurator will allow you to plan your purchase and show you how attractive the color option you have chosen will look like. Experiment as much as you want and remember that we are at your disposal.



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